Meet the Characters!


Kami is an affectionate, happy and inquisitive girl monster and is great fun to be with! She is emotionally intelligent, displaying a level of wisdom and insight that goes beyond what might be expected of a 5-year-old. She has a real talent for engineering, mathematics, solving scientific conundrums, and is adept at working with tools. She is HIV positive, non-symptomatic, and has a wealth of accurate information about living with the illness.


Three-year-old Neno is full of energy and enthusiasm and loves to play with his friends. Neno loves to learn new words in all languages and enjoys being multilingual in English and Afrikaans. He struggles to keep up with the older characters, but is proud of himself when he’s able to manage new tasks. He loves to help others and to be part of community activities.


Zuzu is a six-year old who speaks Sestho, Setswana and English. She’s determined, concentrates on what she’s doing and always tries her best. Zuzu is a focused, dramatic perfectionist and loves to pretend she is a director, actor, and writer. Her curiosities lead her into theatre and film projects that are inspired by her imagination. Zuzu loves to make TV, radio, and theatre shows with her friends, however, she is often frustrated when they don’t turn out as she planned.


Moshe is intelligent, innocent, and gentle four-year old meerkat who speaks isiZulu and English. He is also an incurable optimist who sees the bright side in anything. He cares very much for his neighbours and friends and loves to express himself physically—especially by dancing and hugging. He has a deep affection for the environment and is concerned about nature preservation.


Zikwe is gregarious, egocentric, impatient, and tends to act on impulses without planning ahead. He thinks he knows everything, and he will try anything, but he is happy to learn from his mistakes. He will often set out to overcome a challenge but loses interest as soon as it has been achieved.

While patriotic about South Africa, Zikwe is also fascinated and delighted by other cultures in Africa and beyond. He loves to travel and meet new people, especially kids, and tells stories about people he has met and things he has seen and done.


Raya is a smart, energetic six-year-old girl who is a wealth of information about health. She dreams of being a doctor when she grows up. Raya loves to gather facts, but is also a little forgetful. One thing she never forgets is how important it is to be healthy and happy.