Activity: Washing Cycle

Healthy Hygiene

Washing Cycle

This game can help children to remember all the different parts of washing their hands.

In this game make up a set of fun actions to help remember the different steps of hand washing.

  • Ask the children what you do first when you wash your hands. Do you get soap? Fetch water?
  • Once they’ve decided what comes first, make up a hand gesture to represent it.
  • Something like turning a tap, or rubbing your hands together. Practice it together.
  • Now, what comes next? Once they’ve decided the next step, make up a gesture for that one.
  • Keep going until you’ve got a set of hand gestures for everything you do when you wash your hands.
  • Start off slowly, then do it quickly, then do it slowly again.

Learning Moment!

Now ask the children some questions to help them learn more:

  1. What hand gesture did you choose?
  2. Why is it important to wash your hands?
  3. When should you wash your hands?