Activity: Balancing Time

Physical Activity

Balancing Time

This game helps children practise their sense of balance.

This is a game about balancing things on different body parts. Do you have a small object for each child, like a pencil, a bottle cap or a twig?

  • Give each child an object and ask them to balance it on their hand.
  • See how long the children can balance the object.
  • Now try the BACK of your hand instead. Is that harder?
  • Now try other body parts. How about a foot? Or a head? Ask the children to make suggestions.
  • Which one is the hardest? Which one is the easiest?
  • If you want to try it competitively, see who can balance on each body part for longest.

Learning Moment!

Now ask the children some questions to help them learn more:

  1. How do you balance something?
  2. Was it hard to balance?
  3. Why was it hard to balance?