Activity: A Giant Body


A Giant Body

This game helps children think about the different things their body parts help them to do.

In this game, children imagine a giant body and run around it.

  • To start with, choose different places around you to be different parts of a giant body.
  • Maybe one tree is the legs, another is the arms, and a building is the head…
  • To start off with, call out the body parts and tell the children to run to the right place.
  • Now it gets trickier. Instead of calling out a body part, call out something you do with your body.
  • When you do, the children should run to the body part they use for that activity.
  • For example, if you call out THINKING, they should run to the head. Or for WALKING, the legs.

Learning Moment!

Now ask the children some questions to help them learn more:

  1. Were you able to follow the activity for each body part?
  2. What did you use as body parts?